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Alan Lescht and Associates files lawsuit against polo icon who preyed on teenage girls

Last week, The Washington Post reported that a young woman filed a lawsuit against her former employer, polo icon John Gobin.  Shareholders Ari Wilkenfeld and Cathryne Watson represent the young woman, who alleges that Gobin pressured her to have sexual relations with him.  At the time, she was only 16 years old; Gobin was in his 50s.  Multiple other young women have made similar allegations against Gobin.

You can access the complete article, which appeared on the front page of the newspaper, here.

This case demonstrates the firm’s commitment to litigating high-impact sexual harassment and sexual assault cases.  Ari Wilkenfeld states: “Predators that go after teenagers are uniquely destructive and need to be stopped.  I’m very proud of our clients and the courage they display in coming forward.  We’ll do whatever it takes to achieve a good outcome for them and to hopefully bring them some closure.”

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