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DC court issued TRO against client’s harasser

Our client contacted us after enduring months of harassment and disparagement.  The harasser sent our client several threatening emails.  In addition, the harasser sent a defamatory letter to our client’s employer, which led to our client’s firing.  We filed a lawsuit against the harasser in D.C. Superior Court.  The complaint included claims for defamation and tortious interference with contract, and requested substantial damages.

In addition, we took immediate action to stop the harassment during litigation.  We requested that the court issue a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against the defendant to stop him from harassing our client and disparaging him to third parties.  Based on our arguments and evidence, the D.C. Superior Court judge agreed that we were substantially likely to succeed on our claims at a trial, and that allowing the defendant to continue disparaging our client would constitute irreparable injury.  The court granted our request and issued a TRO against the defendant.

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