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Abrams v. District of Columbia

D.C. Superior Court, Case No. 2018 CA 5946 B

We represented Plaintiff Alvin Abrams in a lawsuit filed under the D.C. Whistleblower Protection Act.  Mr. Abrams worked for the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department as a background investigator.  He complained that the Police Department was rushing background investigations of police officer candidates, potentially allowing unfit candidates to be hired and posing a threat to public health and safety.  Shortly thereafter, the Department fired him.

We filed suit under the D.C. Whistleblower Protection Act.  After discovery concluded, the Department filed a Motion for Summary Judgment, asking the D.C. Superior Court to dismiss Mr. Abrams’ case without a jury trial.  We filed a written opposition and provided oral argument.  The Court agreed with our arguments and denied the Department’s Motion on Mr. Abrams’ whistleblower retaliation claim.  The Department subsequently agreed to settle the case.

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