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Law360 features our clients’ racial bias lawsuit against the District of Columbia

Law360 recently featured our clients’ racial bias lawsuit against the District of Columbia. Last Friday, U.S. District Judge Trevor McFadden ruled that four former contractors can proceed with their racial bias claims against the city. The clients worked for a contracting company,  Optimal Solutions & Technologies (OST), who in turn, held a contract with DC. The city requested that McFadden dismiss the lawsuit, arguing that it did not employ our clients, but OST did. Nevertheless, McFadden said this issue was far from clear. While he recognized that OST made various decisions on the project, he found that the District did, too. Ultimately, McFadden rejected the city’s request to dismiss the lawsuit. The Court will schedule the case for trial once jury trials resume in light of Covid-19.

Our clients hired us in 2018 after they lost their jobs working as subcontractors for the District. We filed suit and alleged that the District removed workers from the project who were not South Asian or Tamil-Indian, and favored those who were. Shareholder, Rani Rolston, will now argue to a jury that the District subjected our clients to racial bias.

To read the full article featured on Law360, click here.

Do you believe your employer subjected you to racial bias?

If you have questions about discrimination in the workplace, we can help. We represent employees in discrimination claims against the federal government, state and local employers, and private-sector employers in Washington, DC, Maryland, and northern Virginia.

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