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Ogwuegbu v. D.C. Department of Behavioral Health

Our client was employed as a psychiatric nurse/team lead at Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital for 22 years. In 2014, she sustained injuries following a physical altercation with a patient that was videotaped and witnessed by co-workers. Despite evidence supporting a finding that our client acted appropriately, the hospital proposed to terminate our client’s employment in spite of her many years of excellent service. We opposed the proposal and persuaded a hearing officer to find in our client’s favor. However, the hospital did not agree with the hearing officer and decided to terminate our client’s employment despite the decision. We appealed the decision to the OEA and, following a hearing on the merits, obtained a decision from Judge Dohnji reversing the hospital’s decision to terminate her employment, ordering that our client be reinstated to her job, and awarding all of her back pay and benefits lost as a result of her removal.

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