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Defeating a notice seeking to revoke the clearance of our client

We successfully maintained our client’s security clearance after the Department of Defense issued notice that it would be revoked.   Initially, our client received a Notice of Intent to Revoke Eligibility for Access to Classified Information and/or to Duties that have been Designated National Security Sensitive after the Consolidated Adjudications Facility (CAF) made a preliminary decision to revoke our client’s clearance.  CAF’s preliminary determination was based on allegations regarding our client’s “personal conduct,” “sexual behavior,” and “use of information technology” when he used his work computer and shared printer to view and share certain materials.  We argued that some of the allegations against our client were false and did not violate policy and that the other allegations did not affect his trustworthiness, reliability, or overall judgement and should not result in revocation.  After receiving our written response, CAF issued a favorable determination granting his continued security clearance.

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