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Client Reviews

Client Reviews

I would recommend Mr. Lescht without hesitation

In addition to knowing the law and being an effective attorney, Mr. Lescht is the kindest person! He treated me with compassion, understood how much I was hurting due to the hostile work environment my manager had created, and took action appropriate action on my behalf. I would recommend Mr. Lescht without hesitation.

Very Good Attorney

Very good attorney. Jack communicated very good with me throughout our process and was very clear about everything.

Impressed With the Level of Service, Zeal, and Accuracy

When I reached out to Mr. Alan Lescht for advise, I was confused, uncertain, and pessimistic about my situation. I was in my job for long years and to my surprise I was unlawfully terminated. Mr. Lescht reinstalled my confidence with a few wise words and advised me to go and get another job and worry about this later! He was right, when I came back to his office a few months later I was extremely impressed with the level of service, zeal, and accuracy his office exhibited through out the process. My case was not an easy case and the opponents played tough but Mr. Lescht associates were caring, firm, honest, and comforted me throughout the process. If you are looking for a strong representation to work with you I strongly recommend Mr. Lescht's office.

Direct and Honest

I had a consultation with Mr. Lescht and had been stressed out from job related issues. I sent him a statement of my complaint before the consultation. This man is direct and honest and I love it!!! I would rather have someone who tells me the truth and some alternative solutions for my issue than one who tells me what they think I want to hear. Thank You Mr. Lescht.

Could Not Have Been More Pleased...

I dealt with Alan and Jack for an extended period in 2017 involving a somewhat complex federal employment situation. I could not have been more pleased with their professionalism and expert counsel. They were honest, direct, and responsive, and I could not have asked for more. Should need arise again for such services, I would not call anyone else. .

The Team Was Very Supportive, Understanding and Eager to Assist

Alan Lescht and Associates consists of a wonderful, dedicated, courteous and honest attorneys that goes over and beyond for their clients. I worked directly with Sara Safriet and from my first introduction and throughout my case - the team was very supportive, understanding and eager to assist. Alan Lescht was also instrumental in my case by providing knowledge, experience and advise on how to proceed. I would highly recommend this firm for your legal needs. As stated in the title - I'm a very satisfied client. THANK YOU ALAN LESCHT AND ASSOCIATES!

Above and Beyond...

My experience has been above and beyond professional and thorough.

Extremely Professional and Thorough

Alan was terrific. He and his team are knowledgeable. extremely professional and thorough. He helped navigate an extremely difficult situation and resolved the matter in the best way possible. Highly recommend him.

Professionalism & Keen Insight

Krista Wallace of Alan Lescht & Associates provided splendid representation in my case. I was thrilled with the outcome and owe it to Krista's professionalism and keen insight. I very much appreciate how Ms Wallace and Alan Lescht & Associates handled a difficult situation. Words cannot express my gratitude.


Comment: Alan Lescht and firm partner Sarah McDonough made such a great case rebutting a discrimination claim that my settlement was beyond any expectations. Both are warm, informative, communicative, timely, exact, and excellent and succinct writers....Brillliant!

Most Responsive Lawyer I Have Ever Known.

I am just getting started with Alan Lescht and must say that he is the most responsive lawyer I've ever known. I knew after my consultation with Mr. Lescht that he was the person I need to handle my very complex case. I am thankful that I have an attorney who is not only interested in my case but is excited about it.

Gave Me Peace Of Mind

Alan gave me the information I needed to save my federal career.

I was selected for a promotion requiring a drug test. I tested positive for a drug my doctor authorized in conjunction with a cancer diagnosis. A Medical Review Officer in my agency questioned the validity of my doctor's authorization, and even the medical basis for the medication I used. I turned to Alan for help.

Alan quickly gathered the relevant details during a consultation. He gave me advice I needed to marshal the support of my supervisors and medical team. He told me how to work with the MRO to get a verified negative test result.

Most importantly, he didn't charge me for unnecessary services. The consult was all I needed. He told me, "if you had a real problem, I would tell you. Return if the MRO verifies the test positive. There is more we can do."

Alan was right. After a great deal of effort the MRO verified the test negative. I got my well earned promotion.

Alan gave me peace of mind and a plan to achieve a just result. He offered only the services I needed to be successful. I doubt I will need his services again, but if I ever did, Alan would be the first person I'd call.

Alan is an outstanding lawyer. My family and I owe him a debt of gratitude.

A Stressful Time In My Life

Susan, thank you for all your hard work on this case! I realize that at times I haven't been the most pleasant client to deal with. I am very appreciative of all your efforts in resolving my case. This has just been a stressful time in my life with the job and my wife's battle with cancer. I'm glad we are able to move on and close this chapter.

I Couldn't Have Won My Case Without Mr. Lescht

My unemployment benefits were denied and an associate referred me to Mr. Lescht. My appeal was complicated and other attorneys turned me down. Mr. Lescht was perfect because he likes a challenge. He quickly and accurately assessed my case then told me exactly what to say to the judge. Despite my former employer’s assertions, the judge believed me, not them. I couldn’t have won my case without Mr. Lescht’s coaching. I highly recommend him to anyone facing an uphill battle against their employer and would use him again.

Superior Representation

I would like to thank you for your superior representation and for all the time and effort you put into my case. Your analysis of the case was very astute. You responded to all my questions in a timely manner. You are truly a professional and skilled attorney. Again, please accept my thanks to you and the rest of the staff at Alan Lescht & Associates.

Best regards,

Genuinely Eased Some Of My Nerves

Thank you so much for all your hard work on this case for me. It has genuinely eased some of my nerves in regards to this and you make such excellent points on my behalf.

Thank you so very much!

Given A New Start

Alan, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you once again.

Yesterday I was able to enjoy the Independence Day celebration with my family. Last year, on the 3rd I was served with the letter that I was going to be separated from my job. I was hopeless, and spent the weekend alone. With you at the helm, I was eventually given a new start.

My three daughter's and I thank you!


Integrity And Character


Thanks for caring and being an amazing person of integrity and character. You have a safe and great July 4th also. Thanks again.


Gratitude For Your Hard Work

Ms. Ferrini

Again my sincerest gratitude for your hard work and representation of my case. I wish you many fortunes and good luck in the coming days.


Looking Out For My Best Interest

Thank you Susan for all your efforts in looking out for my best interest and for dealing directly with OSC.

Thanks again

Very Good Argument

I thought the argument you presented was very good, I am very appreciative of the way you handle things to date. You really hit all the notes and I was very impressed...

Thanks again, will see what the next step will be.

Wow, fantastic!

Wow, fantastic! Thank you for all your work and how quickly you got it done.


Reduced Penalty

Thank you again for all of your efforts in negotiating a reduced penalty, dealing directly with the OSC attorney and for looking out for my best interest in this matter. I am truly relieved you have moved repressive proposed 60-day suspension to 15 days. I could not have accomplished this on my own.


Timely And Quality Work

Just a note to express my appreciation for the timely and quality work your firm provided. I received the rest of the retainer today and appreciate the timely response. I'll keep your firm bookmarked in case of future need.

Thanks again.

Incredible Efforts

I just wanted to take the time to properly thank you for your incredible efforts. I apologize if I bugged you during the process, but I was obviously stressed. I could not have asked for a better outcome. In fact, I prefer this option rather than going back to work there. What I learned through this ordeal is that I was the cause of it and no one else. No matter how much good I thought I might have done in 34 years, I was the one that screwed up.

Thank you for your clear vision, your precise communication and your perseverance. My family and I thank you.


THANK YOU both so much for working with me! I want to come by personally on Monday and thank you, and just wrap things up briefly.

I needed advocates to defend my position because [my employer] would not do it for me, and [my previous employer] threw me under the bus. Your persistence finally made Metro drop its adamant stance.

Thanks again, and talk to you soon.

Efficient Representation

Alan is the "top gun" in his field! He quietly and efficiently represents your interests and gets GREAT results! If you need you need an Attorney to represent you in area of employment law, Alan is the guy.

George L.

Excellent, Reasonable, and Personable

Alan Lescht is an excellent attorney. He is not only reasonable in cost, but personable, and knows the law for employees within the Federal Government, and those with disabilities! At the time of my case, I was in Iowa, and Alan was in DC. To this day, I have never met Alan in person, but I knew I could trust him, after talking with him on the phone. Alan saved me from getting fired from my Federal job. He not only saved my career, but saved me from going bankrupt, losing my house, etc. I am still employed within the Federal Government, and know where to turn to if necessary! Thank you Alan!

Thorough and Patient

I want to thank you for doing such a great job representing me. You were thorough and took your time on obtaining a tentative successful outcome. I realize the difficulty on obtaining 100% on what I requested. However, I feel as though I've been released from prison knowing that I will be removed from my manager's supervision.

I would also like to add before I read your email, Larry mentioned that you are an excellent attorney and Mr. Roberts should collect business cards from you . :) He didn't go into detail. After having received this email, I know understand why he made such favorable comments.


Wise, Knowledgeable, Polite, and Kind

I was disqualified for a job by a big organization in Washington DC on some flimsy Medical grounds ...and ... I still remember how dejected I was and I had nowhere and no one to turn to ... till I saw Mr Alan Lescht in his office. He is not difficult to find and you can Google "The Best Lawyers" and you will find him prominently listed there.

He is extremely wise, knowledgeable, polite, kind and a very patient person - he listens to you with outmost attention, fairness and pays remarkable attention to details. After I spoke to him I was comforted by his guidance. In-spite of having achieved so much in terms of recognition and fame he is very humble and very approachable and he always discusses with you the direction the case needs to take. Mr Alan never gave up on me and carried on relentlessly till I got my job back. I am grateful to him for standing by me and walking with me till I reached my goal of getting my job back. His office staff are caring as well and they interact with you with respect. I shall always be in his debt and I am grateful that he took my case and fought for me and got me justice

Patient and Knowledgeable

Alan and Susan,

Thank you again for your help with my claim. I am very happy with the settlement I received and found you both very pleasant and professional to work with. I admire that you put up with my impatience. And I appreciate the patience you showed me during the long process. The first day I met you Alan, I knew I could expect good things from your firm when you told me "Run, don't walk, back to your office and e-mail your EEO officer this exact message". I told myself "He's been around the block a few times". :) Anyway, thank you again for everything you did.


Dedication and Professional

I want to thank Mr. Alan Lescht, Esq, Ms Susan L. Kruger, and the Receptionist for their well executed, competent, and courteous service. I was immediately impressed from the short wait in the reception area with the courteous secretary to my first meeting with Mr. Lescht. After listening to my dilemma he offered me a choice between utilizing him or his very capable associate Ms Kruger. Her fee is not as high as Mr. Lescht's and was an expert in my type case. I appreciated being offered the less expensive rate and was super happy with the outcome. Mr. Lescht is a delight to work with and would pop in to give a friendly hello. I always felt that he was there for me too.

I was fortunate to have Ms Kruger assigned to my case as her dedication, hard work, and skillful handling produced a greatly improved outcome. She skillfully searched for precedence cases and negotiated the best possible contract for me. It provided for having my record cleared, attorney fee reimbursement, time off with pay, and many more excellent contract elements. I think that it is fair to say that your clients' benefit from her expertise and ability to negotiate on their behalf. I quickly developed a deep respect for her abilities and professionalism.

She aptly deciphered the massive amounts of confusing legal documents my employer would send me. She was always available either by email or phone and she immediately responded. There were many occasions when she would respond to my email just minutes later even though it was midnight, 5 am, or a holiday. This speaks volumes of her dedication and her legal responses were always very impressive while providing elated hope.

It would be an honor to provide a reference if desired, so I am providing my computer telephone number which takes voice mail and transcribes them to email.

I appreciate Alan Lescht & Associates, P.C for helping through that ordeal. The outcome worked out well and you surely took the stress off my shoulders, thank you.

Efficient and Knowledgeable

Thank you for helping me close out these cases this week. I have appreciated your advice and counsel over the past few months.

Perseverant and Understanding

I just wanted to let you know that I am quite thankful for you having faith in my case and taking a chance. I know at times I was difficult but you have to put yourself in my shoes and understand what I been through in the last 3 1/2 years and it hasn't been easy but it was well worth the wait because at times I felt like giving up. Please thank Susan, Yona, and Rainey for all there help that was put into to this case.

Dedication and Professionalism

Rani I received the check and settlement information on Friday, thank you so much for your dedication and professionalism and I will recommend anyone who has received the same issues as I have to you personally. You are one of the best lawyers , you did more for me than others that I spoke with in the past. Have a eventful 2014 and I wish you well on future success.

Hard Work, Professional Skills and Dedication

Good morning, I am so thankful for all your effort and support in proving my innocence in this matter that have really affected my life in so many ways. I could not help but cry because I just keep remembering that I was wrongfully terminated. I will recommend your law firm to as many officers who may need some advice and more importantly I wish you Connie continued success in your career with Alan Lescht...thanks to your hard work , professional skills and dedication. I am so very thankful and very humble with this positive outcome, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Highly Recommend

We worked with Alan for several months, and will work with him in the future if we ever require his services again. He did exactly what we needed him to do, was incredibly straight forward, and easy to work with. Highly recommend.

Available to Clients 24/7

Alan Lescht has settled/won cases for employees in the Government of the District of Columbia, and he is FANTASTIC and very responsive---even on week-ends!!! I have also retained him. He is well regarded and works hard for his clients--this is without exaggeration. Managers know better than to mistreat employees who retain him. Sometimes it is just the mention of his name and others will start to back off of you--he has such a powerful reputation.

To Alan,

Just wanted to say thank you once again for all your support and for believing in me.

Just a simple message one that's often heard,
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A simple heartfelt "thank you"
With warmest thoughts in mind
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  • AV Preeminent
  • AVVO | Newsweek
  • Bloomberg BNA | Law 360 | Government Executive
  • Ten Leaders | WUSA 90
  • SuperLawyers | Univision
  • Washingtonian | abc7 | The Washington Post
  • Lead Counsel Rated
  • Top Rated Lawyers AV | ThreeBest Rated