Washington D.C. Meal Break Dispute Lawyers

Washington, D.C., Wage and Hour Lawyers for Unpaid Breaks

Many state, county and local ordinances require an employer to provide a lunch break, bathroom breaks or rest period.

Call us if you are an employee of a retail establishment and you have been denied a rest period or made to work through lunch.

The employment law attorneys of Alan Lescht and Associates, P.C., can determine if your employer has violated the laws or if you are entitled to back pay and penalties for violations. Contact us today to discuss your specific situation.

If your paycheck has been docked, if you are regularly forced to work through lunch, or if you believe your employer has violated your wage and hour rights, we can assess and pursue your legal claims.

Our legal team is committed to holding employers accountable under federal and state labor laws. Contact our firm to speak with a dedicated employment law attorney.