Noncompete & Nondisclosure

Washington, D.C. Noncompete & Nondisclosure Agreements Lawyers

Non-compete and non-disclosure agreements prevent employees from performing certain work or revealing methods or skills for a competitor after employment has ended. Parties usually enter into noncompete agreements or nondisclosure agreements at the inception of employment. If you are an employee facing a noncompete or nondisclosure contract dispute, you need the guidance and advocacy of an experienced employee rights attorney.

Many employment contracts serve the interests of the employer but fail to provide protection to employees. If you are facing an employment contract dispute, let our attorneys assert your rights. Contact us today for a consultation with an employee rights attorney.

Employment contracts are usually drafted by the employer to safeguard trade secrets and protect the business from any damage that could be caused by a former employee after employment ends. Employer's usually draft these contracts in their own favor and fail to consider the rights of the employee. If you have suffered wrongful termination or lost your job, our attorneys can assist you in asserting your rights in a dispute over a noncompete or nondisclosure agreement.

Our attorneys have experience handling disputes regarding the following:

Noncompete agreements: A noncompete agreement may prevent an employee from working for a specific competitor or in a certain capacity after employment ends. If you are an employee in a high-tech position or with a specific set of skills, this may limit your job opportunities and have a devastating effect on your ability to work. Our attorneys are skilled in challenging non-compete agreements that unfairly limit an employee's ability to work.

Nondisclosure agreements: A nondisclosure agreement protects trade secrets and other secrets of business operation. A nondisclosure agreement protects the employer from actions of employees and former employees. If you are facing a nondisclosure agreement dispute, we can challenge your employer's allegations and protect your rights.

Employment contract: In addition to noncompete and nondisclosure agreements, we also represent clients in contract disputes regarding unpaid wages or hourly disputes, severance package agreements, benefits disputes, and all other contracts that arise between employers and employees.

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