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Bettger v. Kilimanjaro International Inc. et al.

D.C. Superior Court Case No. 2018 CA 005390 B

Our client, Gary Bettger, provided consulting services as an independent contractor to a company called Kilimanjaro International (“KI”).  After KI failed to pay our client $62,224 for work performed, we filed a breach of contract suit against KI in DC Superior Court.  KI did not respond to the lawsuit, and we obtained a default judgment for $62,224.

Subsequently, we learned that KI was judgment proof because, for all intents and purposes, the company existed only on paper.  Therefore, we filed a motion to enforce the judgment against KI’s CEO and sole owner, Greyson Kiondo, personally.  The Court granted the motion, ruling that KI was Mr. Kiondo’s alter ego and that Mr. Bettger could enforce the judgment against Mr. Kiondo personally.

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