D.C. Public Schools sued over discrimination

Employees face discrimination in the workplace for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes, a worker is treated differently as a result of his or her gender. Or, an employee may lose their job due to their race or religious beliefs. In Washington, D.C., and the whole country, some people may not realize that disability discrimination is also against the law. Regrettably, employees with a wide variety of disabilities experience discrimination that can be humiliating and make their job very difficult. Regardless of the reasons why workers experience discrimination, it must be identified and dealt with immediately.

A woman claims she was discriminated against and recently took legal action against D.C. Public Schools. The woman, who used to work for the school system as a teacher, said that she was subjected to discrimination over a disability that she suffered from, which was a long-term health condition.

The ex-teacher said that the mistreatment has had a significant impact on her from an emotional and even physical standpoint. Moreover, she claims that she was discriminated against by school staff and administrators. The woman chose to keep her identity private.

Victims of discrimination may feel uneasy going to work and afraid to speak out. However, they deserve a voice and should not think twice about defending their rights. Moreover, employees who decide to take action should know that retaliation is also illegal. For some, figuring out the best path forward can be tricky, especially when their job is involved. However, turning to an attorney may help.

Source: WUSA9, “Former DC teacher sues DCPS for discrimination,” Delia Goncalves, May 4, 2017