Timely security clearance investigations are a focus for NBIB in 2017

In September, we wrote about changes coming to the federal security clearance system, namely the new National Background Investigations Bureau, which replaces Federal Investigative Services, and how for many federal employees and contractors, getting (and keeping) the proper security clearance is necessary to doing their jobs.

NBIB Director Charlie Phalen weighs in

More recently, the Federal Times in November reported on the NBIB director’s take on what his role and priorities will be in 2017 and beyond. Director Charlie Phalen, a former CIA security director, wants to re-establish confidence in investigations, as Carten Cordell writes.

Lack of confidence in investigations

This lack of confidence stems from the 2013 Navy Yard shooting perpetrated by Aaron Alexis, which commentators opined could have been prevented with a strengthened security clearance system, as well as the 2015 data hack of the Office of Personnel Management, which left vulnerable the personal data of 21+ million federal employees and contractors.

Existing backlog vs. timeliness of adjudication

Plus, there’s the existing backlog of hundreds of thousands of security clearance cases (more than 500,000) waiting to be completed. But Phalen isn’t concerned with the backlog. “The real relevant number is 40 or 80,” referring to the number of days it should take to adjudicate a federal employee’s or contractor’s security clearance. “So we are truly focused,” Phalen said, “on what is the timeliness and how can we get back to our standard for getting these background investigations adjudicated.”

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Despite the upcoming changes to the security clearance system, federal employees and contractors will very likely continue to face the same types of issues they’ve faced in the past. Your security clearance may be at risk. It may also have already been suspended or even revoked. Contact Alan Lescht and Associates today for legal advice on your security clearance.