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Don't be afraid to seek help for your unpaid overtime case

Hourly employees in Washington, D.C., whether they are maintenance workers, laborers, nurses or anyone in between, deserve to be appropriately compensated for their professional and dedicated work efforts. Unfortunately, unscrupulous employers sometimes try to thwart the system and avoid paying their hourly employees appropriately for overtime work.

In Washington, D.C., and across the nation, through the Fair Labor Standards Act, hourly employees who complete more than 40 hours of work in a single work week may be entitled to overtime wages. Overtime payments need to be made in the paycheck that covers the period of time in which the worker performed the overtime work. Sometimes an employer will ignore an employee's request to be appropriately compensated for his or her unpaid overtime or will try to stall, saying that the compensation is forthcoming when in truth it never is.

Unpaid overtime is a serious issue that deserves attention. Fortunately, legal professionals, such as those at the law firm of Alan Lescht & Associates, P.C., are available to educate their clients about the Fair Labor Standards Act and how it relates to unpaid overtime. Sometimes the issue can be settled through out-of-court negotiations or through other methods of alternative dispute resolution. However, workers should not be afraid to take their unpaid overtime case to court if necessary.

Legal representation can be key to a fair outcome in an unpaid overtime case. Our firm's website can help individuals learn more about the Fair Labor Standards Act and the issue of unpaid overtime. Workers in Washington, D.C., deserve to be fairly compensated, particularly when they go above and beyond what is expected of them.

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I have been a litigator for close to 20 years and Alan is most certainly one of the best attorneys I have ever come across.
Mr. Lescht is an excellent Trial Lawyer, He is calm, cool, and collected.
I also appreciated Alan's frankness and his ability to identify what is important and what is not when going through a case like this.
I would highly recommend Alan to anyone who needs an exceptional and incredibly talented Employment Attorney.
Mr. Lescht is an extraordinarily responsive attorney, returning my emails and phone calls within minutes. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone who thinks they may need a lawyer. Definitely incredible work.
I was impressed with his knowledge and professionalism, and I will always be grateful for his guidance.

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