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November 2015 Archives

Do alternatives exist when exempted from whistleblower protection?

Readers may be aware that there are federal laws in place to protect whistleblowers that come forth to report corruption or illegal activity. As one man found out there are exceptions to who may be protected by the laws. The man was fired while working as an investigator for the House Select Committee on Benghazi, allegedly when he would not narrow his focus to the State Department and former Secretary of State Clinton. The 1989 Whistleblower Protection Act does not protect Congress. Accordingly, as a Congressional staffer, he was exempted from the law.

Will executive order change hiring practice of federal employers?

Acts that constitute workplace discrimination occur all too frequently throughout the nation. They happen at workplaces of all sizes and types, sometimes including federal employers. The discriminatory action can take many forms including the realm of promotions, pay and benefits, discipline and in disability situations, reasonable accommodation. It can also take place before a worker is even formally an employee, during the hiring phase. Regardless of the point at which the discriminatory activities occur, workers should know the practice is illegal and they may be able to take legal action. 

Facebook CEO announces paternity leave plans

Many Washington, D.C., workplaces provide female employees with paid maternity leave benefits, recognizing the important role a mother plays in her child's early development. However, fathers also play a critical role in a child's early life, and in recognition of this, more workplaces are starting to offer male workers the opportunity to take paid paternity leave.

What Should I Do If The Federal Government Suspends Or Revokes My Security Clearance?

For employees and contractors in various federal agencies, maintaining security clearance is critical. The ability to review confidential and secret information is a crucial function for many positions within the federal government. If the federal government suspends or revokes a person's security clearance, it could essentially end a person's career in government service.

Commuter benefits programs may soon be offered to D.C. employees

Commuting to work can be a headache for some, what with Washington, D.C.s congested streets and highways. Moreover, those who rely on their automobiles to get them to work may find that parking places are at a premium. The costs of parking, gas and wear-and-tear on one's automobile can range from merely annoying to prohibitively expensive. However, a new law will soon be taking effect that could help area employees out with such costs.

How does the law provide protection for retaliation?

A worry that is common among workers in Washington is fear of retaliation. This type of behavior on the part of an employer can occur for a variety of reasons and those who are subjected to it must remember that they are accorded protection for retaliation under the law. The retaliation does not necessarily have to be overt with the obvious message being sent, but it can be more subtle with denial of benefits and even going so far as a wrongful termination with the underlying idea that it was not for work-related reasons, but due to a previous occurrence.

Don't be afraid to seek help for your unpaid overtime case

Hourly employees in Washington, D.C., whether they are maintenance workers, laborers, nurses or anyone in between, deserve to be appropriately compensated for their professional and dedicated work efforts. Unfortunately, unscrupulous employers sometimes try to thwart the system and avoid paying their hourly employees appropriately for overtime work.

How can a District employee proceed with a retaliation claim?

Many individuals in Washington, D.C, work for the District government, and this can be a very satisfactory endeavor. District employees often put years of hard effort and professional expertise in the workplace, which not only benefits the individual, but the District as a whole. Washington, D.C., government employees deserve to work in an ethical environment. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen, and the employee may feel both obligated and compelled to blow the whistle on unethical or illegal business practices. What employee rights are invoked in such actions?

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