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July 2015 Archives

Employee casualty of retaliation and wrongful termination in the wake of GSA scandal

During 2010, at a time when U.S. unemployment rates remained high and economic growth stagnant, 300 employees of the U.S. General Services Administration gathered in Las Vegas for an extravagant $823,000 Western Regions conference. As reports of the costly event broke, taxpayers and Washington officials were outraged to learn of the $7,000 sushi reception, $3,200 mind reader and $130,000 scouting trips funded by taxpayer dollars.

EEOC: Sexual Orientation Discrimination is Prohibited By Title VII

The EEOC's recent ruling in Baldwin v. Dep't of Transportation, EEOC Appeal No. 0120133080, 2015 WL 4397641 (July 16, 2015) represents another significant victory in the hard-fought battle for the rights of the LGBT community. This groundbreaking decision is the first of its kind to find that claims of discrimination based on "sexual orientation" may be brought under Title VII of the Civil Right Act of 1964.

DC wage discrimination and the Equal Pay Act

Wage discrimination was a pervasive issue in America's workplace in the past, and some in Washington, D.C., would say it may still exist in certain situations. It is for these reasons that federal laws were passed to protect workers' rights, including the right to equal pay. One act that addresses equal pay based on gender is the Equal Pay Act of 1963.

What can you do before filing a DC wrongful termination claim?

Losing your job in Washington, D.C., is a difficult situation to be in. Questions about how to afford your bills, housing and put food on the table will instantly loom to the forefront. Anxiety about the future and sleepless nights may soon follow. It is a situation that no person in Washington, D.C., wants to be in. And, it is a situation that is made all the more difficult, if you feel you have been wrongfully terminated.

DC sexual orientation based workplace discrimination still exists

Although lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals now have the right to marry their cause has redirected its focus on another important issue LGBT individuals face: workplace discrimination. In fact, at least as of right now, there is not a federal law that prohibits employment discrimination against workers based on that worker's sexual orientation.

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