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September 2011 Archives

Executive's new job limited by non-compete agreement, P.2

In our last post, we noted that Boston Scientific Corp., a major manufacturer of medical devices, has hired a senior executive who formerly headed up the medical devices and diagnostics division of its arch rival, Johnson & Johnson (J&J).

Executive's new job limited by non-compete agreement, P.1

The Johnson & Johnson Company (J&J) has apparently successfully wielded the terms of an existing employment agreement with one of its senior executives to limit the capacities in which a competitor may employ him, at least for a time.

Unpaid wages among the financial troubles faced by Saab

Our Washington D.C. readers may be aware of the ongoing financial troubles of Swedish car manufacturer Saab. Troubles apparently increased for the company last April when funds ran dry about a year after the company was bailed out by a company now known as Swedish Automobile.

Groupon is sued for failure to pay overtime wages

Hundreds of sales representatives at Groupon, owner of the website which offers discounted gift certificates for use at local and national companies, have filed a lawsuit against the company alleging that it filed to pay overtime to its employees.

DOL issues order accusing Bank of America of illegal retaliation

The Wall Street Journal reports that a former Countrywide Financial employee who was fired in 2008 by the Bank of America Corporation after conducting an internal investigation in subprime operations at in the Boston area may soon be vindicated.

South Dakota Supreme Court may decide non-compete case

Our Washington readers may be interested in a non-compete case out of South Dakota which, as headlines point out, tests the limits on how far hospitals can be restricted in their ability to include non-compete agreements in physician contracts.

Kentucky municipalities face unpaid wages and overtime

The Kentucky Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that multiple cities across Kentucky owe firefighters million of dollars in unpaid overtime. The ruling has caused concern among mayors and county executives, many of whom are worried about how they will find the funds to pay overtime to firefighters according to revised state guidelines.

NLRB may face stalemate in the midst of Boeing suit

We have previously written about the current legal troubles between Boeing Company and the National Labor Relations Board. According to the National Labor Relations Board, Boeing violated labor laws by illegally retaliating against unionized workers when it went ahead with plans to build a new plant in South Carolina to manufacture 787 Dreamliner aircrafts.

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