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August 2011 Archives

NLRB establishes new notice rule for employers, P.2

In our previous post, we noted that the National Labor Relations Board recently established new regulations requiring businesses to post notices informing employees about their right to unionize under federal law.

NLRB establishes new notice rule for employers, P.1

The New York Times reports that the National Labor Relations Board put forth new regulations last Thursday which require companies to inform employees about their federal right to unionize. The regulations were passed in an effort to make it easier for workers to exercise their rights under the National Labor Relations Act, which established rules for employee unionization.

Strip club owner sued by dancers over unpaid wages, overtime

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that an exotic dancer is suing her former boss for failure to pay her overtime and unfairly reducing her wages. The dancer reported worked at Heavenly Bodies in Elk Grove Village, Skybox in Harvey and Cowboys in Markham.

Miami security workers strike over unpaid wages

Security workers in Miami went on strike on Wednesday, claiming that government contractor withheld as much as $100,000 from their paychecks. The unpaid wages are allegedly owed to the workers for protecting city sites such as the Miami marinas and City Hall.

Teacher claims she was let go for pumping breast milk

The difficulty of balancing motherhood with work responsibilities isn't always easy. Just to take one example, with recent research showing the benefits of breastfeeding infants, many mothers want to continue that practice beyond maternity leave. Unfortunately for many of them, this can be a challenge.

DOJ intervenes in whistleblower suit against EDMC, P.2

In our previous post, we began discussing the recent Department of Justice filing against Education Management Corp. (EDMC) for allegedly violating the False Claims Act by illegally paying recruiters based on the number of students they enrolled in college programs.

DOJ intervenes in whistleblower suit against EDMC, P.1

A while back on this blog, we wrote about a whistleblower suit brought against the Education Management Corporation (EDMC) in which the for profit college company was accused of engaging in fraudulent recruiter compensation practices. In early May, we noted that the Department of Justice and several states planned to join the suit.

SEC whistleblower reward program effective this month, P.1

As we have mentioned on this blog before, the SEC recently established a whistleblower reward program to encourage knowledgeable insiders to report securities violations to the SEC. The program goes into effect on August 12

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