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October 2010 Archives

AARP Now Co-Counsel in Pharma Qui Tam Whistleblower Lawsuit

Pharmaceutical fraud has long drawn the attention of AARP, formerly known as the Association of Retired Persons. It has now drawn its ire, with the organization becoming co-counsel in a qui tam whistleblower suit against Abbott Laboratories, Johnson & Johnson and Boston Scientific.

Court Rules on Hedge Fund Non Compete Agreement

The recent outcome of a legal battle between a hedge fund company and two of its former executives illustrates the workings of a non compete agreement and how requested sanctions pursuant to its provisions are construed by a court.

Congress Demands Copy of DOD Non-Disclosure Agreement

When many people hear the words non-compete or non-disclosure agreement, they tend to think of contractual arrangements between employers and employees in the private work force. A few of our previous blog posts have featured stories on non competes in this vein, such as an August 2 post in which we discussed non-disclosure agreements between BP and marine scientists, and a September 13 blog focusing on non-compete clauses in college coaching contracts.That is far from routinely being the case, though, as a number of non-disclosure agreements are also executed in the public sphere, between government bodies and employees, including the military.

Suit Alleging Sex Discrimination at Guantanamo Bay Survives Hearing

Sheri Qualters - The National Law Journal August 17, 2010A Boston federal magistrate judge on Monday threw cold water on a government motion to dismiss a female FBI agent's lawsuit alleging that she contracted a tropical disease at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, because of discriminatory housing conditions.

Labor Department Focused on NY Car Wash Industry Unpaid Wages

First it's unpaid wage and overtime problems coming to light at West Coast car washes. Now similar stories are surfacing with pay irregularities and worker mistreatment at car washes throughout New York, most specifically New York City's five boroughs.

California AG Files Unpaid Wage Claim Suit Against Sikder Group

Unpaid wage and overtime problems involving employees at one of the Sikder Group's many businesses first surfaced in 2007, when a car wash in Santa Monica paid 55 employees $100,000 in back wages after being investigated by the U.S. Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division. Workers there were found to have routinely worked 10 hours a day, forgoing overtime pay and sometimes receiving less than the federal minimum wage.

Novartis Settles Off-Label Drug Marketing and Kickback Violations

The Department of Justice ("DOJ") has announced that a two-pronged federal investigation against Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation focusing on the company's unlawful off-label marketing activities and bribery of medical professionals in connection with the anti-seizure drug Trileptal settled on September 30. Novartis agreed to pay $422.5 million to resolve the civil liability charges and the criminal charges brought against it under the whistleblower provisions of the False Claims Act.

Company Violates WARN ACT, Truckers Settle Unpaid Wage Claims

Owing to severe financial constraints, Arrow Trucking Co. executives closed the company's corporate offices in Tulsa on December 22 last year. Company lenders immediately canceled drivers' fuel credit cards, which left hundreds of them stranded across the country and without money to get home. The drivers didn't know whether the company would obtain alternative financing or pay them for unpaid wages.

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