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September 2010 Archives

DOJ Settles Non-Compete Matter with Silicon Valley Companies

Google denies that its non-solicitation agreement with other major competitors hindered fair movement in the workplace and open competition to secure skilled employees. Intuit voiced its agreement "to disagree with the DOJ on the issue of any wrongdoing in this matter."

Explosive Whistleblower Suit Targets Pfizer Inc.

Two former sales reps of Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, purchased by Pfizer Inc. last year, brought a whistleblower lawsuit against Wyeth in 2005 under the qui tam provisions of the False Claims Act. The reps alleged that Wyeth targeted organ-transplant centers used predominantly by African-Americans to illegally promote the off-label use of the drug Rapamune and to experiment on African-American patients without their knowledge.

Flight Attendant Says Eligible for Food Stamps, Fired by Airline

Calling it "a horrible, horrible feeling," Phoenix-based flight attendant Kirsten Arianejad applied and was approved for food stamps, despite already being a full-time employee of Minneapolis-based Compass Airlines and working a full schedule.

Judge Denies Truckers' Demands for Overtime Pay

The question: Do the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act ("FLSA") - the law established by Congress in 1938 that provides for a minimum wage and a maximum 40-hour work week for workers employed in businesses engaged in interstate commerce- extend to employees working in jobs that are regulated by the Secretary of Transportation?

Workers Receive Back Pay, Overtime in Factory Settlement Case

The following story is submitted as a reminder for why modern worker-protection laws exist and are enforced in the United States. It contains echoes from America's not-all-that-distant past, and easily enough conjures up images of yesteryear's workplaces commonly marked by filth, insensitivity to employees' working conditions and, most of all, employers' greed.

Non-Compete Clauses in Big-Time Coaching Contracts

In college sports these days, the coach often draws more attention than the players. Most people follow intercollegiate sports - especially football and basketball - have no trouble instantly associating a coaching name and face with a program. Penn State = Joe Paterno, for example. Duke = Coach K.

Whistleblower Sentenced in Petters Fraud Case

A whistleblower who provided extensive audio evidence to federal prosecutors in a criminal case that enabled them to convict Tom Petters, CEO of Petters Group Worldwide, of fraud in a $3.5 billion Ponzi scheme was sentenced on September 2 to one year and one day in prison.

Noncompete Agreement at Center of School District Dispute

Alternative Unlimited ("AU"), a Houston-based company that works in tandem with school districts, offers a computer-based program that helps high-school dropouts graduate.

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