Fraudulent Billing Whistleblower Lawyers

Fraudulent billing of the government for services, supplies, equipment and insurance is illegal. In order to uncover fraud at the corporate level, the law provides incentives to whistleblowers who can provide evidence of fraud.

Fraudulent Billing Qui Tam Attorneys

If you have knowledge of fraudulent billing, the attorneys at Alan Lescht and Associates, P.C., can help you. We represent clients in qui tam litigation. In this type of litigation, you can bring a claim against the fraudulent party. If your claim is successful and you recover funds for the government, you may be able to keep a percentage of that recovery.

To learn more about fraudulent billing and qui tam actions, contact us. We can answer your questions and represent you in your claim.

Types of Fraudulent Billing

Fraudulent billing can occur in any type of transaction with the government, including:

In order to bring a qui tam action against a fraudulent party, you do not need to be an employee of that entity. You simply need to have firsthand knowledge of the fraudulent billing. With more than 60 years of combined legal experience, our lawyers can help you with every aspect of your claim and provide you with the representation you need throughout your case.

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