Medicare and Medicaid Fraud Whistleblower Lawyer

The government provides incentives to those who blow the whistle on Medicare and Medicaid fraud. As a whistleblower, you can receive a percentage of the amount recovered as a result of the government's investigation.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently proposed a new rule that would increase the amount of money a whistleblower can receive in cases involving Medicare or Medicaid fraud. If this rule goes into effect, a whistleblower could receive 15 percent of any recovered funds, up to $9.9 million. Currently, a whistleblower can only receive up to $1,000.

At Alan Lescht and Associates, P.C., our attorneys are experienced at helping whistleblowers who want to report Medicare or Medicaid fraud. We know how difficult it can be to step forward, even when there is a financial incentive. In these types of cases, you may fear retaliation from your employer. We can help you through the process of blowing the whistle and protect your rights at every stage.

For a confidential consultation about whistleblowing and your rights, contact us. We can evaluate your situation and provide you with straightforward legal advice about your options.

Understanding Medicare or Medicaid Fraud

Medicaid and Medicare fraud can take many forms. One of the most common types of Medicaid and Medicare fraud is upcoding. In this type of fraud, the hospital or medical provider claims a more expensive procedure, treatment or medication than was actually provided to the patient. For example, a medical provider can charge more for a three-day hospital stay than for outpatient treatment.

Medicare and Medicaid fraud can take many forms, however. Partially filling prescriptions or overcharging for durable medical equipment such as motorized scooters are just two type of fraud that can result in government action.

If you know of any effort by a medical provider to defraud Medicare or Medicaid of funds for medical devices, procedures, treatment, medications or equipment, you should consider blowing the whistle. Our lawyers can explain the process and help you blow the whistle on fraud at your workplace.

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