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The cost of health care is not going down in this country and neither is the cost of providing funding for government-run programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. Nearly 100 million Americans utilize Medicare or Medicaid and are dependent upon it to receive health care products and services. What keeps such programs going are hard-earned taxpayer money. The intention is to support the elderly, low-income families, retired federal and government workers and military veterans who deserve affordable health care coverage. Unfortunately, health care fraud is eating away at these efforts, causing costs of health care to skyrocket. Like a vicious circle, this wheel of fraud continues to spin. In response to this, the federal government has increased its efforts to stamp out Medicare and Medicaid fraud. Health care organizations and individual practitioners can face severe civil and criminal penalties if they are found to have defrauded the U.S. government.

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Even with efforts by the federal government, there is still an estimate of billions of dollars in health care fraud that go undetected. The government is counting on individual citizens to aid in the fight against health care fraud. If you have evidence that a hospital, pharmaceutical supplier, medical device manufacturer, physician group or individual medical practitioner has engaged in fraudulent activities, you may be eligible to receive a percentage of the money recovered through a whistleblower/qui tam lawsuit. In some cases, this amount will be based on treble damages.

Uncovering Health Care Fraud

As the largest purchaser of health care products and services, the federal government has a strong interest in uncovering health care fraud. These are some of the many types of health care fraud by medical providers that are actionable under FCFCA:

  • Billing for procedures that were not performed
  • Bundling or unbundling of charges for health care procedures
  • Ordering excessive or unneeded clinical tests
  • Upcoding a diagnosis to exaggerate the severity of a patient's medical condition
  • Falsifying credentials or certifications of home health care workers
  • Inflating or mischaracterizing reimbursable costs

In addition, manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and health care supplies can also engage in fraudulent activities such as:

  • Providing kickbacks to doctors and other medical professionals
  • Marketing pharmaceuticals for unapproved uses
  • Misreporting or misrepresenting the "best price" for pharmaceuticals approved for use in Medicaid
  • Selling products that are defective or that the manufacturer believes to be defective
  • Billing Medicare and Medicaid for products that are not approved by the FDA

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What You Can Do: Qui Tam Claims

As someone who may work within the health services industry, you are in one of the best positions to detect health care fraud. With direct and day-to-day insight, you are exposed to fraudulent actions that even the keenest investigators could miss. Not only are you doing a moral service but you could also gain financially if you make a successful whistleblower or qui tam case. You could obtain up to 30 percent of any recovery made by the federal government. Do not wait to speak up. Do something now while you can and tell an attorney about a potential whistleblower or qui tam case.

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