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In recent years, many employers have significantly increased their use of independent contractors. The reasons for this are clear: this practice enables them to avoid paying benefits, and it gives them more flexibility when they need to increase or reduce labor hours.

However, many independent contractors are treated as employees for all intents and purposes, particularly if they work for only one employer. These contractors are deprived of vacation time, overtime pay, family leave time and other benefits that regular employees are entitled to, all because they were misclassified as contractors.

At the law firm of Alan Lescht & Associates, P.C., we provide vigorous representation for contractors who have been unfairly deprived of pay, benefits and other rights accorded to regular employees. When we take your case, we will seek full compensation for back pay, vacation pay, benefits and other funds you are entitled to.

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Contractor Wage and Hour Dispute Attorneys

Our attorneys will conduct a thorough analysis of the facts in your case. They will examine issues such as:

The degree of control you have over how you perform your tasks — For example, are you able to perform your job without significant oversight or do you receive detailed instructions?

How the employer evaluates your performance — Are you evaluated based on how you do your job (as is an employee) or on the basis of your finished output (as is a true contractor)?

Were you hired for an indefinite period or for a specific project? — Being hired on an open-ended basis would indicate that you are an employee rather than a contractor.

Do you receive ongoing training? — The more training you receive, the greater your claim to employment status.

There are many more factors. We will take action if we determine that you are really an employee rather than a contractor, seeking full compensation and benefits for you.

Independent Contractor Agreements

If you are thinking about entering into a working relationship for a company on an independent contractor basis, you may wish to consider getting a formal employment contract. For a reasonable fee, our firm can draft a contractor agreement or review an agreement that your prospective client has proposed. This can protect your rights and your flexibility.

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