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Efficiently Handling Unpaid Overtime and Wage Disputes

At Alan Lescht and Associates, P.C., we regularly represent employees in unpaid wage and overtime disputes. We focus our work on understanding each employee's unique situation and providing the results-driven advocacy they require. Our commitment to our clients is shown through settlements and verdicts we have won for employees in a variety of cases.

Put our aggressive and efficient advocacy to work for you in your unpaid overtime or other wage and hour law dispute. Contact our firm to speak with a dedicated employment law attorney.

Seeking Payment in Unpaid Overtime Disputes

If you are paid hourly and you have worked over 40 hours in one work week, you deserve to be paid overtime wages for the extra hours you worked. This includes being paid for time you work through your meal break, waiting to clock in, and working at home or while on call. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), that payment must be included in the paycheck that covers the time period during which you worked overtime. If those wages are not listed on your paycheck, do not wait to raise the issue.

If you have tried to speak with your employer about the unpaid overtime, but have received no response or have been told numerous times that the money is on its way, you may want to consider involving an attorney. An experienced attorney can represent your interests and ensure your rights to the wages you have earned are not waived.

If we are unable to work with your employer in negotiations, mediation or arbitration , we can file suit to obtain the financial compensation you deserve. Aside from unpaid overtime or other wages, we can also seek other monetary damages, such as attorney fees.

Representing Employees in a Variety of Wage Disputes

Unpaid overtime claims are just one type of wage dispute handled by our firm. We are also able to represent employees in situations involving:

  • Purposeful misclassification of employees
  • Unpaid hourly wages
  • Back pay
  • Overtime pay that does not meet D.C. or federal standards

We have the knowledge to represent you in any wage and hour dispute . If you are at all concerned about your wages, speak with a lawyer committed to protecting your interests immediately.

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