Employee Misclassification Attorneys

Dedicated Employee Representation in Misclassification Disputes

As an employee, you are presumed to be paid by the hour unless you fit within a specific exemption. If you are an exempt employee, this means you are paid a salary, instead of an hourly wage. This exemption, however, can cause confusion with employers, which often leads to employee misclassification claims.

At Alan Lescht and Associates, P.C., we have experience representing employees in a variety of employment law disputes, including employee misclassification claims. We understand the rules behind the exemptions, and can put this knowledge to use for you in quickly assessing your situation.

Employee Misclassification Is More Common Than You May Think

In our experience , we have seen that many employees are misclassified. The federal and state wage laws relating to different classes of employees are numerous and dense. Employers often struggle to classify employees correctly, including nonexempt employees, exempt employees and independent contract employees such as 1099 contractors. Each class brings with it certain rights relating to overtime pay, base pay, and other wage and hour concerns .

As a nonexempt employee, you are entitled to one-and-one-half times your wage for every hour you work over 40 hours each work week. Even exempt employees can be entitled to overtime wages if they fit under certain salary thresholds. Other exceptions may include computer-based employment exceptions, administrative worker exceptions and inside sales exceptions.

Pursue Your Earned Pay With the Help of Results-Driven Advocates

If you think you are currently misclassified, you can bring an employee misclassification claim with the help of one of our highly trained lawyers . We will efficiently and effectively represent your rights to full pay. We can pursue any unpaid wages that extend back two, or possibly three, years. We can also ensure your classification is correct moving forward so you receive your entitled pay when you earn it.

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