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Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) Claims
on Behalf of Federal Government Employees in Texas

Unlike private sector employees, federal employees do have legal recourse if they have been terminated or disciplined without just cause. There are different avenues available to you, but the most effective and efficient course of action may be filing a claim through the Merit Systems Protection Board.

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Texas Federal Workers and the MSPB Claims Process

As an employee of the United States government, you are entitled to due process rights that cannot be dismissed or surmounted by your federal employer. An employer must show cause to suspend you, terminate your employment or formally reprimand you. If you were wrongfully disciplined or removed (fired), you have redress through a Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) claim.

The MSPB is a federal agency empowered to intercede in discipline and removal cases involving federal employees. An administrative judge is appointed to your case to review the facts and render a decision on the whether your termination or suspension was justified. Trial attorney Alan Lescht and his legal team will submit your case to the MSPB and then either negotiate a settlement or litigate your claim in a MSPB hearing. If the judge upholds the adverse action, we can represent you in appealing the decision to federal court.

Alternatives to Filing for MSPB Relief

Federal government workers are not limited to contesting removal or disciplinary sanctions after the fact. Under federal employment law, your employer must give advance notice of the intention to impose a reprimand, suspension or removal. After you are notified in the form of a written letter, you will typically have 15 days to issue a formal response to the proposal. Our lawyers can draft a response letter that thoroughly answers the employer's assertions. We are often able to avoid the proposed action, enabling our clients to preserve their jobs, seniority, security clearance and other benefits of federal employment.

MSPB Claims Involving Employment Discrimination

The MSPB will hear a mixed case of removal/suspension when the federal worker claims discrimination or reprisal. If the MSPB does not claim jurisdiction, you may bring a federal employment discrimination, sexual harassment or wrongful termination claim through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

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