Law Firm Representing Pennsylvania Government Security Clearance

Representing Federal Employees in Pennsylvania in
Denial or Revocation of Federal Security Clearance

Working for the U.S. government often requires security clearance, even for civilian jobs not considered highly sensitive. Obtaining security clearance becomes a key to advancement and compensation, while losing security status can result in demotion or even removal from employment.

The federal employee rights attorneys of Alan Lescht and Associates, P.C. provide effective legal advocacy if your security clearance is revoked or if you are turned down for initial clearance or a higher level. We can help you navigate the administrative channels of your federal agency or represent you in security clearance hearings and appeals.

We welcome inquiries from federal government employees in the Philadelphia area, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh and throughout Pennsylvania pertaining to security clearance. Contact us today for a consultation.

The majority of security clearance issues are administered by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) or the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA). Security clearance can apply to accessing classified or compartmented information, the ability to enter restricted areas, or both. Each arm of the federal government has its own protocols and criteria for security clearance.

Our experienced employment lawyers are knowledgeable about DOHA and OPM procedures as well as specific issues of various federal agencies. We regularly handle federal security clearance matters such as:

  • Denied requests for security clearance
  • Security risks identified in routine background checks
  • Proposals to downgrade, suspend or revoke one's clearance
  • Challenging security clearance revocation or suspension
  • Appeals of disciplinary actions that could affect one's clearance

As a federal employee, your due process rights extend to your security clearance. The agency or office seeking to deny, suspend or revoke your access must provide a statement of reasons (SOR) and provide you a forum to respond to the allegations. Common reasons cited in an SOR include debt and financial problems, gambling addition, drug use or drinking problem, criminal convictions or other misconduct in your professional or personal life.

Our role is to refute the allegations and present compelling evidence of your character, stability and contributions to convince the administrator or judge that you are worthy of clearance and not a security risk. We have represented federal employees and contractors at the highest levels of security clearance and in all branches of federal government, both military and civilian.

We Fight to Protect Your Security Clearance and Your Federal Career

We understand that your pay, promotions, pension and perhaps your job itself are at stake. Our attorneys bring 20 years of experience in federal employment to advocate for you in personal appearances, hearings and appeals.

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