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Notified of a Proposed Removal or Suspension?
Employment Attorneys for Federal Workers in Pennsylvania

Every federal government employee is entitled to due process rights when an employer seeks to terminate the worker or impose formal disciplinary sanctions. While a private employer can take these actions without just cause or warning, federal employers must present both justification and notification before carrying out discipline or removal. Government workers are further entitled to a formal response to contest the allegations and the proposed penalty.

The law firm of Alan Lescht and Associates, P.C., can draft your response to an employer's proposed disciplinary action or proposed removal (termination). Our experienced employment law attorneys have enabled clients to keep their federal jobs and all the perks and benefits they have accumulated. We have also successfully represented federal workers in MSPB claims when employers actually impose the sanctions.

We serve federal workers in the Philadelphia area, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh and throughout Pennsylvania. If you have been notified by your federal agency employer of removal or discipline actions, contact us today for a consultation.

Federal agencies and employers must adhere to strict protocols in order to remove, suspend, demote, reprimand or otherwise discipline an employee of the U.S. government:

  • Employers must present just cause, such as poor performance or misconduct.
  • Employers must present advance notice, in writing, of the proposal for discipline.
  • Employers must provide reasonable time, typically 15 days, to formally respond to the proposal.
  • If you believe the action is unjust or management has singled you out, you can appeal to the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB).

Attorney Alan Lescht and his team will analyze the employer's proposal and draft a thorough and thoughtful response. We address the validity of the allegations and whether the proposed sanctions are overly punitive. We may suggest alternative penalties or mitigating factors to prevent this episode from ending your federal career or costing you seniority, security clearance or accrued benefits.

Take Action to Protect Your Interests

You have too much at stake and too many rights to let the employer railroad you. Our attorneys have had very favorable outcomes through early intervention at the proposal and response stage. We aim to avoid the adverse action completely or negotiate middle ground to minimize the impact.

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