Law Firm Representing New York Government Responding to Proposals for Sanctions

Intervention for Federal Government Workers in
New York State Facing Proposed Removal or Discipline

Employees of federal agencies enjoy certain rights not available to employees in the private sector. On such protection is the due process you are afforded if your federal employer is angling to fire you or discipline you. As a federal worker, you are entitled to written notification and a formal period and process to challenge the proposed punishment.

At Alan Lescht and Associates, P.C., we have 20 years of experience representing federal government workers in adverse proceedings. We will fight to save your job and all that you have invested in your public service career. Our experienced employment lawyers can also represent you in appealing your case to the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) if the sanctions are actually imposed.

Our firm welcomes federal employees of New York City and Long Island, Albany and upstate New York, Syracuse, Buffalo and statewide. Do not delay if you have received notice of discipline or removal. Contact us today for a consultation.

Federal government employers cannot override your rights to due process under federal employment law. You cannot simply be ushered out the door or disciplined without redress. To carry out a removal, suspension, demotion or reprimand:

  • The employer must show just cause for the employment action.
  • You must receive written notice of the specific employment action.
  • You must be allotted reasonable time to respond, usually 15 days.
  • You can file a claim with the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) if the employer terminates you or imposes action in spite of your response.

Our lawyers are knowledgeable about your rights and skilled at drafting the response to the proposal. We will investigate and counter the grounds for the proposed sanctions and recommend alternatives to overly harsh penalties. We will highlight your contributions, positive performance reviews and other factors that may convince the employer to drop the proposed sanctions or lighten the consequences.

We Protect What You Have Worked So Hard For

Most of our clients have a substantial personal investment in their federal career. We know that even a short suspension or reprimand can affect security clearance and advancement, as well as your compensation and retirement benefits. We can represent you in MSPB claims to fight employment sanctions. Ideally, our early involvement in the proposal-and-response process will make all that unnecessary.

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