Law Firm Representing Georgia Government Security Clearance

Representing Federal Employees in Georgia in
Security Clearance Denials and Revocations

More and more jobs in federal government now require security clearance, even civilian positions that are far removed from sensitive areas like the military, law enforcement or intelligence. Security clearance has become as vital and valuable as academic degrees and other qualifications.

Likewise, a denial, downgrade or revocation of security clearance can represent a permanent plateau if not the end of one's career in federal government service. The law firm of Alan Lescht and Associates, P.C., provides knowledgeable and vigorous representation if you have been denied clearance or if your security clearance is being revoked. We can advocate for you in administrative processes and formal hearings, as well as appeals of adverse rulings.

We can represent federal government employees in Metro Atlanta and throughout Georgia in security clearance matters. Contact us today for a consultation.

Access to classified information or restricted areas is granted at the discretion of the Department of Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA) or the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). However, each federal agency has its own regulations, criteria and categories of security clearances. Our employment law attorneys can advocate for you when security clearance is the primary issue or when security clearance is jeopardized by adverse employment actions:

  • Denied requests for security clearance or a higher level of clearance
  • Problems arising in background checks or periodic reviews
  • Responding to proposed suspension or revocation of security clearance
  • Challenging a revoked or suspended clearance
  • Appealing disciplinary actions that would result in loss of security clearance

You have rights to due process as a federal employee. The office or agency with jurisdiction over your security clearance must provide a statement of reasons (SOR) when denying or revoking your clearance. Common reasons include financial problems (mortgage arrears, credit card debt), substance abuse, a gambling habit, theft or fraud convictions, accessing porn on work computers and other misconduct or vulnerabilities that make you a poor security risk.

On your behalf, our lawyers can present favorable evidence and character witnesses, challenge the assertions in the SOR and cross examine the government's experts. We have counseled federal employees and contractors from every branch of the government in requests for security clearance, personal appearances, administrative hearings and federal appeals of DOHA rulings.

We Fight for Your Security Clearance and Your Job

We understand that your advancement and your continued employment may hinge on obtaining or maintaining security clearance. We apply 20 years of experience in federal employee rights law in vigorously protecting your rights and interests.

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