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Challenging a Proposed Removal or Disciplinary Action
Attorneys for Federal Workers in Georgia

Federal employees have unparalleled due process rights regarding discipline or termination. In the private sector, employers can simply fire or suspend you without warning or justification. A federal government employer must have just cause and must notify you in writing of any adverse employment action and must provide you a reasonable opportunity to respond.

Alan Lescht and Associates, P.C., has helped federal employee clients keep their jobs, avoid employment sanctions or soften the penalties. Our experienced employment law attorneys can carefully draft a response to proposed disciplinary actions or represent your MSPB claims if the employer carries through with the intended action.

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Government agencies and employers governed by federal employment law must abide by a formal dispute process before executing an action for removal, suspension, demotion or formal reprimand:

  • The employer must have just cause to take adverse employment action against you, such as job performance or conduct.
  • The employer must notify you, in writing, of the proposed action and the justification.
  • In most cases, the employer must give you 15 days to respond to the proposed action. You could contest it, raise mitigating factors, offer an alternate resolution, etc.
  • If the employer takes the proposed action and you feel it was unjust, you can appeal to the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB).

Our lawyers will examine the employer's proposal for discipline or removal, conduct a thorough investigation and draft a detailed response. We will address the allegations one by one and underscore your value to the agency. We will argue why the penalty of termination or suspension is too drastic under the circumstances.

Protecting Your Public Service Investment

Disciplinary actions can cripple your opportunities for advancement and stall your pay and benefits, including your federal employee pension. While you always have the right to challenge an adverse employment action after the fact, we have had substantial success on the front end in quashing disciplinary moves actions altogether or minimizing the consequences.

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