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Security Clearance Denied or Revoked?
Attorneys for Federal Employees in Florida

Securing and maintaining a security clearance is increasingly important in the federal work force. In both military and civilian sectors of federal government employment, a certain level of security clearance is required to even be considered for positions or promotions. Conversely, if your security clearance is revoked or suspended, you may be denied advancement or even lose your job.

At the law firm of Alan Lescht and Associates, P.C., you are represented by experienced lawyers who have litigated federal employment law issues relating to security clearances. We can challenge denials and represent workers across all federal agencies in personal appearances, hearings and appeals.

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Security clearance refers both to access to classified information or physical access to restricted areas. Most federal personnel security clearances are governed by the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA) or the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), although each agency has its own rules and standards for who needs clearance and when it should be granted.

The experienced employee rights attorneys of Alan Lescht and Associates, P.C., represent federal employees in security clearance proceedings as well as security considerations secondary to disciplinary proceedings. We can advocate for you in any scenario:

  • Denial of initial security clearance
  • Denial of higher clearance (confidential to secret, secret to top secret)
  • Revocation resulting from background checks or annual reviews
  • Response to proposed revocation or suspension
  • Appeals of revocation, suspension or denial
  • Employment actions that jeopardize security clearance

Protecting Your Due Process and Your Federal Career

If you are turned down for security clearance or if your clearance is suspended or revoked, you are entitled to a formal statement of reasons (SOR). Anything that calls your character into question or makes you vulnerable to exploitation could be a reason: financial irregularities, debt problems, substance abuse, gambling, fraud, acts of violence or association with criminals.

Our lawyers can mount an effective challenge to the government's stance. In many cases, we can resolve security clearance denials through direct negotiations with administrators. In other cases, we will present arguments, evidence and witnesses at a personal appearance or administrative law judge hearing.

We realize that everything you have worked for is on the line. We use our knowledge and trial experience to obtain or preserve the security clearance in question.

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