Pregnancy Discrimination

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Women have the difficult task of trying to balance their careers and their child rearing responsibilities. Unfortunately, pregnancy discrimination is a reality in the workforce. Many women lose certain opportunities — including promotions or raises — as a result of a pregnancy or parenting obligations. Our attorneys help clients address individual cases of discrimination to determine and pursue legal recourse in the event of illegal employer action. If you are pregnant or believe that you may have suffered job discrimination as a result of a pregnancy, you do have rights. At Alan Lescht and Associates, P.C., we offer dedicated and aggressive advocacy to the victims of pregnancy discrimination.

It is illegal for your employer to treat you differently because of your pregnancy. If you believe you have suffered pregnancy discrimination, contact us today to learn more about your legal rights.

Pregnancy discrimination can take many forms. You may have been denied a promotion, for which you were most qualified. You may feel that you are treated differently or that you are not provided the same opportunities as other candidates in your workplace. You may have been wrongfully terminated from your employment since your employer discovered your pregnancy. At Alan Lescht and Associates, P.C., our attorneys have the experience to identify pregnancy discrimination and pursue discrimination actions against wrongful employers.

  • Have you been denied a promotion because you were pregnant?
  • Do you believe that you were disqualified for a job because of a pregnancy?
  • Have you been treated differently since your employer discovered you were pregnant?

Can you be fired if you are out on pregnancy leave?

While there are some instances where an employee can be fired when they are out on maternity leave, such actions are often unlawful. Our attorneys will examine your employment history and the history of other employees including raises, promotions, and disciplinary actions. If you were treated differently from other employees or if your employer treated you differently since discovering your pregnancy and you lost a promotional opportunity, or were transferred, penalized or even fired, you may have a case for pregnancy discrimination. Please contact us to speak with an experienced attorney who can assert your rights and pursue damages on your behalf.

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