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Your language, your culture or the country where you were born should never be an issue in the workplace. Since the 1960s, it has been illegal for public and private sector employers to discriminate on the basis of national origin or ethnicity. The law firm of Alan Lescht and Associates, P.C., advocates for the rights of employees who have been subject to stereotyping, slurs and unequal treatment in employment.

You do not have to stand for discrimination as a "foreigner" or member of an ethnic minority. Our discrimination lawyers will help you take legal action against the employer that violated your rights. Contact us for a consultation.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 specifically outlawed discrimination on the basis of national origin or ethnicity. If you are an American citizen or lawful resident of the U.S., you cannot be harassed or treated differently in hiring or termination, in pay or privileges, or in work duties and promotions.

Nation Origin and Ethnicity Discrimination Claims

Our law firm can protect your rights and pursue your legal remedies if you experienced one or more of the following based on your ethnic origin (Hispanic, Jewish, Arab, etc.) or national origin (Mexican, Chinese, Pakistani, etc.):

  • You were denied employment
  • You were given all the menial and undesirable jobs
  • You were turned down or passed over for advancement
  • You were targeted for harassment or ostracized
  • You were subjected to derogatory names and comments
  • You were disciplined for speaking your native language
  • You were not allowed to wear "ethnic" clothes to work
  • You were singled out for your religious beliefs
  • You suffered retaliation for reporting workplace discrimination
  • You were wrongfully terminated based on your ethnicity or country of origin

Alan Lescht & Associates, P.C. is committed to upholding the rights of all workers. If you believe that you have suffered national origin or ethnic discrimination, we will vigorously pursue justice for the economic and personal harm you have suffered. Whether you have moved on to new employment or you are fighting to be promoted or reinstated, we will explain where you stand and work to meet your goals.

Ethnic/National Origin Discrimination for Federal Employees

We regularly represent federal workers who are foreign-born or members of cultural minorities. These cases range from refusal to hire or failure to promote, to harassment and biased treatment by co-workers and supervisors. We are extensively familiar with the EEOC, MSPB and other forums for lawsuits and grievances in the federal government system.

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