Age Discrimination

Washington, D.C., Age Discrimination Lawyer

Age discrimination is a more subtle form of discrimination and is often harder to prove. You may have been denied a promotion or lost a job to a younger candidate. You may have been laid off and replaced by an employee with less experience, but who was much younger. Age discrimination is a reality for many individuals seeking employment and job security at a later stage in life. If you believe that you have faced age discrimination in your job, our attorneys at Alan Lescht & Associates, P.C. can assert your rights in or out of court.

Age discrimination can result in the loss of a promotion, wrongful termination, or the loss of a job opportunity. Contact our offices today to speak with an experienced attorney about your options if you have suffered employment discrimination.

Our experienced employment rights attorneys can assess your age discrimination claim. We have handled cases involving the following:

  • Federal employees who have experienced age discrimination through lay-offs or lost promotions and opportunities
  • State and municipal employees who have suffered age discrimination through job loss or denied promotions
  • Private sector employees who lost job opportunities to younger employees
  • Federal and private sector employees who were replaced by a younger employee after they were wrongfully terminated

If you believe that your job was taken away as a result of your age, our attorneys will initiate a full investigation into your case. If an employer cannot demonstrate a reason other than your age to deny you a job, promotion, or opportunity, you may be entitled to significant compensation for discrimination. We will contact witnesses, assess your skills and job history, and advise whether or not you should file an employment discrimination claim. At every stage we will provide you with honest and reliable feedback and explore all of your options and alternatives. Contact us today for a free phone consultation if you suffered wrongful termination because of age discrimination.

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