Severance Agreements

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Preserving Your Rights and Claims in Severance Agreements

Employees facing layoffs often ask the question, "Will I receive a severance package?" The answer to this question varies by employer. Even more, severance offers vary from employee to employee. The best way to understand what rights you have in a layoff or voluntary leave is to speak with an attorney who has extensive experience reviewing severance agreements.

At Alan Lescht and Associates, P.C., our lawyers have experience reviewing employee contracts and severance agreements. Whether you are looking to understand the basic concepts laid out in your agreement or if you are hoping to obtain a better arrangement, we have the knowledge necessary to identify all of your options and provide solutions. Contact our firm today to discuss your employer's proposed settlement agreement.

Know What You Are Agreeing To Before Signing Anything

When you received your severance agreement, you likely first looked to see what your employer is offering in the way of financial compensation. While this number is important, you need to also understand the other terms and conditions laid out by your employer.

Your employer will likely include many non-economic terms in your severance agreement. These terms can refer to a variety of areas such as a noncompete clause that affects your ability to get another job in the future. There may also be a clause in the contract that requires you to waive certain rights, including the right to sue your employer on any grounds.

We highly recommend that you bring your severance agreement to an experienced employment law attorney at our firm. We will comprehensively review your agreement, discuss your goals and help you draft a response to your employer. If the terms are completely unacceptable, we are willing to seek a better severance package through negotiations with your employer.

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