Tip Sharing Laws

Many employees depend on tips as a large part of their income. Whether you are a waiter, waitress, bartender or other tip-dependant employee, you have rights. There are a variety of laws designed to protect those rights, particularly when it comes to tip sharing.

The lawyers at Alan Lescht and Associates, P.C., can help you understand these tip-sharing laws and how they will affect your tips. If you have been forced to illegally pool your tips or share your tips with your employer, our experienced employment attorneys can stand by your side and act as your advocate in an action against your employer.

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Do You Have to Share Your Tips?

Employers in most states are allowed to set up a tip-sharing program and require you to pool your tips. These programs have certain limitations, however.

First, you are only required to place tips in the pool that exceed minimum wage. Many employers are allowed to reduce income below minimum wage for employees who receive tips. You are entitled to minimum wage pay, however, and you are not required to pool tips that bring your pay up to minimum wage. Then, any tips above minimum wage will be shared.

Additionally, your employer cannot take a share of the tips. Tip-sharing programs are limited to only tip-earning employees. This includes only those employees who regularly receive tips as a part of their job such as wait staff, bartenders, cleaning staff, hairstylists and other similar employees.

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