California Federal Worker Security Clearance Lawyers

Protecting Your Security Clearance Status

Losing your security clearance status can result in your termination or prevent you from advancing your career.

If your security clearance has been revoked or denied, or you have received notice of proposal, you can contest the action or proposed action. Because of the effect it can have on your career and earning ability, it is vital to respond in a timely and effective manner. You should consult with an experienced federal security clearance attorney as soon as possible.

Alan Lescht & Associates, P.C., is a team of attorneys with extensive experience in security clearance cases. We work diligently to protect the rights and security clearances of our clients. Our law firm represents federal employees throughout the of state of California, including San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and other cities.

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Experienced Security Clearance Lawyers

Our law firm successfully represented a federal employee who received notice of proposal to find her unsuitable for employment because she had previously used recreational drugs. After we submitted a written response pointing out that the recreational drug use occurred more than 10 years earlier and that she subsequently obtained a secret clearance, the agency withdrew its proposal.

A DUI, bankruptcy, drug use or other behavior can result in the loss of your security clearance. At the least, you could be dragged through a time-consuming administrative process. When representing clients, our firm seeks to put the matter to rest through well-argued written responses whenever possible.

Is your security clearance status at risk? — Our law firm understands the procedures of the Office of Personnel Management, and the suitability factors the office uses in security clearance cases. We will use our knowledge and experience to protect your security clearance status.

Has your security clearance been revoked? — Alan Lescht & Associates, P.C., vigorously represents people to mitigate adverse decisions issued by the DOHA or review board. If necessary, we will litigate to protect your rights and security clearance status.

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