Washington DC Unemployment Numbers Surpass 10 Percent

The May numbers indicate that the jobless rate in the District of Columbia rose to 10.7% in May of 2009. The rate is on par with other urban areas such as Chicago (10.5%) and Los Angeles (11.6%).

All this despite the usual immunity to rising job loss in the district due to a steady flow of federal government jobs. According to the Washington Post almost 2/3 of people working in Washington D.C. reside in Maryland or Virginia, states with 7.2% and 7.1% unemployment in May.

Unemployment is at its worst in the low-income and low-skill level areas of Washington D.C. In the largely affluent Ward 3 of Washington D.C. the unemployment rate is only 2.5% according to the Brookings Institution, while the predominantly poor Ward 8 is standing at 23.3%.