Discrimination in Washington DC Rising With The South Asian Population

2007 census data has shown that there has been an increase of nearly 25% in the South and East Asian population in Washington DC since 2000. The majority of these immigrants are Chinese and Indian. The immigrants main areas of employment lie in the areas of restaurants, salons and places to practice religious beliefs.

This increase represents 42% growth in Washington DC making the nations capital the fifth largest city in terms of South Asian population.

A new survey based on a sample of 200 legal South and East Asian aliens in Washington DC, nearly all of which find employment in Washington DC, finds that the main areas of need with these immigrants is in the areas of health care, job training and legal services, including employment law services.

The respondents were of Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Nepali and Sri Lankan descent.

Over the last year, 28% of the respondents report that they have experienced receiving unfair or discriminatory treatment while living in the Washington DC area.

Source: Thai-Indian News