Age discrimination seemingly widespread in today’s technological industry

When 19 year older entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg and his college roommate created and launched Facebook in February 2004, it created a billion dollar monumental sensation that has completely changed the world as we know it today.

As a result of the success of these young innovators, many tech companies today are hoping to hire the next Zuckerberg to launch their company into stardom.

However, restricting hiring practices or giving promotions to only young adult is discriminatory and against the law.

Preferential treatment for young workers

Age discrimination is nothing new and workers in all fields have faced this type of discrimination throughout history. In today's 21 st century, however, new data shows that older adults are facing more and more discrimination in the technological field.

Fresh-out of college graduates are touted as having a higher capacity to understand new-age technologies like mobile social medial platforms than older adults. Some say this creativity peaks by age 25-leaving many individuals in older age groups out of the loop.

Famous inventions by individuals 40+

However, according to an entrepreneur from Silicon Valley, this stereotype is far from true. He points to famous individuals who have made widespread changes to humanity-all of whom were age 40 or older.

  • Benjamin Franklin introduced the world to electricity at age 46. At age 70 he helped draft the Declaration of Independence.
  • Henry Ford created the Model T at age 45.
  • Steve Jobs, the latest technological innovator, launched the iPod and iPhone at age 45.

Highlighting age discrimination today

Regardless of the stereotypical reasons for preferential treatment of the youth by the technological industry, all employers who discriminate in the workplace in any fashion including promotions, layoffs and hiring is against the law.

Individuals who feel they have suffered from age discrimination are encouraged to consult with an employment law attorney who understands the intricate areas of the law and pursue possible legal recourse.